7 Feb 2019

February is our senior pet month

With advances in veterinary medicine our pets are enjoying longer lives. Sometimes this means an increased incidence of age-related conditions. This should not stop them from enjoying a good quality of life in their golden years. However, it could mean a need for some changes to be made. It’s  not always “just getting old”


Please take advantage of our FREE nurse checks if your pet is over 10 years old, during month of February. Call one of our surgeries and our friendly nurses will make an appointment to have your pet checked.

Old cat 2

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I was very happy with the care my cats received…the vet gave me a great deal of time and treated my girls like his own. I also received a lot of help from the head nurse who gave me a diet plan to follow which has helped them lose weight. They are now a lot healthier and much more active.

Miss R Gardner

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