15 Jun 2016

Feliway Friends


Hello all our lovely clients

I just wanted to tell you all about a new product that has been added to the Feliway range called Feliway Friends.

As some of you already know I am interested in anything feline so I was encouraged when I heard about something that could help in multi cat households and I was keen to find out more.

Feliway Friends is a plug in diffuser that omits a cat appeasing pheromone naturally produced by the Queen after giving birth to her kittens. This pheromone has been shown to have a similar calming and wellbeing effect on adult cats. (Reference source Ceva Animal Health)

Feline body language and tensions within a multi cat household of two or more cats can be subtle. Things to look out for in regard to feline emotional stress are obvious signs like fighting, chasing or stalking or more non obvious signs like staring or blocking access to litter trays, cat flaps or other feline resources.

This is where Feliway Friends can come in handy as it has been clinically proven to help reduce feline tensions in multi cat households. Visible improvements have been seen as early as 7 days from when the diffuser has been plugged in. Feliway Friends could be a handy tool for when you go away and have a pet sitter, friend or neighbour coming in to look after your cats as even harmonious multi cat households can change dynamics when the owner leaves the home. Our pet cats need consistency, predictability and a regular routine.

Feline resources are vital to help reduce conflicts between our pet cats so always provide ample litter trays, resting places, food and water bowls, scratching posts, toys and bolt holes to accommodate the number of cats that co habit within your home.

Bear in mind that the established Feliway classic range of diffusers and sprays can help with travelling, moving home, indoor scratching and urine spraying.

We are pleased to offer a promotional discount on any of the Feliway  and Adaptil ranges  until the end of October to help with the holiday season. Also there is a new loyalty scheme that Ceva have introduced for the Feliway and Adaptil range so that after so many purchases you can get a free one.

May I wish you all Happy Holidays and a feline stress free Summer.

Best wishes, Debbie.


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