8 Apr 2016

Important message to all our clients and fellow cat and animal lovers

You may have seen the latest very disturbing news about “Croydon cat Killers”. Sadly, these horrendous acts seem to have taken place in Richmond and Kingston and even Frimley Green.
A local family was left devastated having found their cats decapitated body in the garden.

The story was followed in the local news as well:

We do not aim to spread panic but in the interest of safety of these innocent creatures we need to help make everyone ware of the problem. Further we would like to give some basic information to keep your loved ones safe:

If you notice any strange behaviour in your area, then please contact Det Sgt Andy Collin from the Metropolitan Police on 0208 6490216 or SNARL on 07957830490.

We recommend for cats that are generally indoor/outdoor, especially at this time of year, is to keep them in after dark and before dusk.  This reduces the risk of road traffic incidents, hunting garden birds in breeding season and now we believe this may help keep your little one safe from these attacks.

If you have any concerns over keeping your little one indoors as they are used to going out then please give us a call.  Our nurses and behaviourist will be very happy to give you professional advice on enriching your cats’ environment.  If your’ cats have never used a litter tray then we can advise on what type of litter to use, and the best place to put a tray. how-to-keep-inquisitive-kittens-safe-around-the-home-and-garden-54f1c439ed080

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I was very happy with the care my cats received…the vet gave me a great deal of time and treated my girls like his own. I also received a lot of help from the head nurse who gave me a diet plan to follow which has helped them lose weight. They are now a lot healthier and much more active.

Miss R Gardner

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