30 Oct 2017

November is our Dental awareness month – Free Dental checks

Pembroke Welsh Corgi puppy with a toothbrush

Cat dental

Dental problems are the most common health problem of our pets!  About 3/4 of middle aged and senior dogs and cats are affected. However, it is often overlooked and poorly understood.
In November we are offering FREE dental checks by our qualified nurses. We are also offering 20% off dental procedures.
Common signs of dental problems in dogs and cats are:

• Smelly breath

• Salivating
• Pain when mouth is touched
• Reluctance to play with toys
• Inflamed/red gums
• Rubbing or pawing at the mouth

Please don’t let your pets suffer quietly have them checked by our qualified nurses if you suspect it

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I was very happy with the care my cats received…the vet gave me a great deal of time and treated my girls like his own. I also received a lot of help from the head nurse who gave me a diet plan to follow which has helped them lose weight. They are now a lot healthier and much more active.

Miss R Gardner

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