24 Apr 2017

The Unspoken Do’s & Dont’s of Dog Walking

The Unspoken Do’s & Dont’s of Dog Walking Etiquette by Luke Wheldon

 Dog walk

DO greet other dog walkers.

Saying ‘hello’ first when you’re faced with head-on situations can diffuse potential confrontation between new dogs. Having a little chat from a safe distance can give everyone the opportunity to relax their body language and by doing so release any tension between the dogs.

DO give a wide berth of other dogs on the lead. 

They are probably on the lead for good reason, they may not like other dogs or could be recovering from an operation. If you see another dog on the lead and you can’t go around them, try going back where you came from until there’s space to safely pass by. And DO put your dog on the lead if you’re not confident that they will always come back to your recall. 

DO carry treats. 

Treats will usually get your dog’s attention away from trouble. Even better is to put them in something that rattles when shaken and small enough so you can put it in your pocket. 

DON’T yank your dog’s lead.

Briefly letting them sniff other dogs and their scent marks is like reading a newspaper for your pooch and it gives them important mental stimulation. If you need to get their attention, assert yourself and say ‘THIS WAY’ and give them a treat exactly after they move on. 

DON’T use your phone! 

Unless there is a real emergency there are NO exceptions on this one. If your attention is on the phone and not on your dog, they will always take advantage of the situation and jump into mischief! 

DO bag up your dog’s poo.

If I can’t find it then I pick up the nearest one, I call these karma pick-up’s, so I avoid treading in one the next time and when you’ve bagged it DON’T leave it behind or hang it on a tree it’s not a Christmas decoration.

DO have fun and take joy in letting your dog be a dog. 

Getting muddy and rolling around in smelly things is all part of it. Drying them with a towel or giving them a quick bath afterwards only takes a minute. It’s their time too, so why not let them enjoy it?

If you have anything you’d like to add or say about this topic please do leave a comment below and feel free to share it with your friends here on facebook. The next article is coming soon, is there something you would like to know more about?

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